Frequently Asked Questions

Store Policy:

Hypergun Store Quality
    • Every game and product we have in our online store is special to us (and hopefully to you as well). With that sentiment in mind, every version of our games we release all have their own special thing that makes them unique.


Sales Policy
    • All sales are final. Once your order is shipped out we are not able to accept any returns.


How many of each item can I order?
    • Items will have at limitation notice posted in a pop-up. We reserve the right to cancel or change an order if a customer violates the rules set out for an item in their order. Continuous violations of the rule are terms for being banned from the store. A notice may or may not be sent if your account has been banned.



Who/What is Hypergun?
  • Hypergun is an online retailer that is recognized as the official online store for Nicalis products. All items sold are authentic and all merchandise sold is officially licensed.


Do I need an account to purchase?
    • In some instances an account may be necessary, however there are many benefits that you get for having an account.
    • Not all the benefits have been implemented just yet, but more will be added as we progress through the development of our shop. For now you will be able to enjoy easy access to all your orders you have made.
    • Also, please keep in mind, if you decide to make an account at a later time, we cannot merge your previous orders into it, so it is suggested to start an account to fully enjoy all the benefits that could come your way. We definitely intend to do some fun things for our customers with accounts!


  • Status on order
    • Order Status:
      • Open : Your order is currently processing in our online store meaning that it is standing by for an update in information. Something on this order has not been complete.
      • Closed : Your order has been marked as complete.
      • Cancelled : Your order has been cancelled and will not be completed. All payments should be refunded and no items have been shipped.


    • Payment Status:
      • Authorized : Your payment information on your order has been confirmed that the payment information provided leads to a legit account and no mistakes were done when the order was placed.
      • Pending : Payment is still standing by on this order even though the authorization itself has expired. Do not worry if your order is in this status. As long as your ORDER'S Status is listed as open, your order/items are still secure to your account.
      • Paid : The payment for the order has been collected. - Refunded : Your payment has been returned to the account where you originally paid from.
      • Voided : The authorization or pending payment that was standing by for us to bill has been voided. This happens usually after 30 days from when the order is placed and if no payment is made. If you see this status do not worry, your order itself is not closed unless the order status itself says either "Closed" or "Cancelled".
      • Partially Paid : The order has has a portion of the order paid for, but not the entire cost. This is a rare status and will normally appear when you are dealing with customer support.
      • Partially Refunded : A portion of the payment you sent has been returned to your account you originally paid from. This is a rare status and will only appear only when you contact customer support.


    • Fulfillment Status:
      • Unshipped : Most orders will show this status until the order has been shipped out of the warehouse.
      • Partial : A portion of the order has been shipped from the warehouse .
      • Shipped : Your full order has been shipped towards your shipping address. Oh yeah!!!
    • If any additional clarification is needed, then please feel free to contact us at "".


  • Special Request/Custom Print Products
    • Specialty and Custom Print Products are Final Sale only. We custom print these items to order and cannot cancel the order after the product has been printed.  


  • Split Shipping products
    • When an order is placed that has multiple items, sometimes items are shipped separately to make sure that all your products arrive safely. Mostly this only applies to oddly shaped items like Posters, wall scrolls, baseball bats, etc. This is left to the discretion of our shipper as they are the masterminds behind quality packaging.
    • We will try to indicate what items are subject to potential split shipments on their item page, but we cannot always catch them all.
    • This means if your order arrives and it's missing an item, please do not panic! Just contact us at and we will be able to share with you any details regarding your order's shipment.


  • Do you sell Gift Cards to your store?
    • At this time we do not offer this service.


  • How can I contact support?
    • You can contact us at "" if you have any questions or concerns.
    • Our support is available Monday through Friday, and is not available during the weekends. Holidays might change the support schedule as well.


  • Account Benefits (Why should I get an account?)
    • With an account you will be able to access all of your orders quickly and have access to view your shipping/billing addresses easily without having to contact Hypergun Support.
    • However we do have more benefits planned and we will be rolling them out as our shop takes time to grow. We look forward to sharing these fun options to you as we develop!


  • Password Recovery
    • You can reset your password by having the reset link sent to your e-mail, however if you are having trouble receiving your e-mail please contact us at "" and we will be sure to assist you!

  • Why was I banned?
    • You may or may not receive a notice that your account has been banned. If  your orders are being canceled, it is because of any number of reasons, such as:
      • Creating multiple accounts.
      • Ordering in excess.
      • Arbitrage
      • Filing a Chargeback(s)
      • Fraudulent order
      • Treating an employee of Hypergun with extreme disrespect, harassment or threatening anyone of us. 


  • What types of payments do you accept?


  • When does my pre-order get charged?
    • Your pre-order is charged right when it is placed.


  • Do I have to pay sales tax on my order?
    • Taxes are automatically calculated by our system depending upon where you reside.
    • Most International orders do not include duties/taxes unless otherwise shown upon checkout. Taxes and fees will vary by each country. It is the buyer's responsibility to pay the fees upon importing. The value used for orders is the full retail value of the item, regardless of any discounts that may have been applied. We are unable to support value declaration requests. 


  • Can I use a Gift Credit Card?
    • This is possible with our online store as long as it has one of the main 4 credit card brands upon the card.


  • Can I use multiple payment methods for my single order?
    • No, please have all of your payment processed on one payment method.


  • Can you gift wrap an order?
    • At this time, no, we are not able to gift wrap an order before it is sent out.


  • Shipping Policy
    • Shipping is FOB Origin. It is Hypergun's responsibility to provide it to the carrier. Once the package has been received by the carrier, the responsibility of the package is that of the carrier. 
  • How are orders packaged?
    • While we do package games and clothing in bubble mailers, boxed items in boxes and posters in tubes to help protect against damage in transit, we cannot guarantee that the packages will arrive without damage. If you find your package has been damaged in transport, please contact the carrier or Route Insurance to file a claim. 
  • How is shipping calculated?
    • Shipping is calculated using up to date US Postal Service or through Asendia rates. Hyper gun does not set the price for the rates. Please note that shipping costs are calculated from the date the order is placed and not from the date the order is shipped.  
  • When will my order be shipped?
    • Order(s) placed in our system before 11:30AM PST  will typically be processed within the next one or two business day(s) dependent on capacity. Please keep in mind that our warehouse only ships Monday through Friday, excluding US Holidays.
  •  Domestic Shipping
    • When it comes to domestic shipping, we usually ship out within the first 3-4 business days that orders are placed. This excludes US holidays, weekends or releases with a large number of preorders. 
    • Shipping times: The shipping time frame is subject to possible carrier delays.
  • International Shipping
    • Shipping internationally is an option that we like to proudly offer to our customers. 
    • To help get a better understanding of when your order will arrive to you, please consider the estimated international shipping times below:
        • Asendia Shipping times: Time frame is subject to possible Asendia/USPS/UPS/FedEx local carrier delays and custom delays
          • Asendia is a consolidation shipping service. They offer a great rate if you are not concerned with shipping speeds. 
          • Asendia does not offer any insurance option, please use Route Insurance
          • Asendia shipments are consolidated together before being sent out to Asendia for processing. Once Asendia receives the orders they will then re-consolidate the shipments by region and will then ship it to the appropriate carrier. This process can take several weeks to months. 
          • Tracking with Asendia can be found at:
          • What is Asendia DDP?
            • Asendia DDP is DHL Express service. Taxes and duties are prepaid
            • This service is available to select countries
          • What is Asendia ePAQ? 
            • Asendia offers different service options pertaining to shipping speeds and tracking levels. View the link to learn more:  
              ePAQ Standard: No Tracking, basic economy level shipping using local postage services. 
              ePAQ Plus: Trackable service, economy level shipping using local postage services
              ePAQ Elite: 4-9 Day delivery from the time that Asendia receives the order

        • UPS Shipping times. Based on the time once UPS scans it in their system. Time frame is subject to possible UPS delays 

          • UPS WORLDWIDE EXPEDITED 2-5 Business Days
          • UPS WORLDWIDE EXPRESS     2-3 Business Days

        • Priority Mail International. Ships directly from our warehouse. Time frame is subject to possible USPS delays
          • Priority Mail International 6-10 Business days. 
        • *Please note that any International shipment may be delayed at Customs. Shipments may be delayed an unpredictable amount of time. Hypergun is not to be held responsible for the time delayed with Custom's or rerouting processes if any delay occurs. Information for various European Customs offices can be found at
      • What international locations can you ship to?
        • We can ship our product to almost any location in the world. If the USPS can reach it, we will ship it! There are only a few items from time to time that will have shipping restrictions and we will try to note these issues on the item's description page when they apply.


      • Where can I find my tracking information?
        • This information will be made available to you in two locations:
          • E-mail: When your order is shipped you will be sent an e-mail that contains your tracking number.
          • In your Account: You can also find your tracking number when you log into your account and check on your order's information.


      • What if my order is unable to be delivered to my address and is returned to Hypergun?
        • If your order is shipped and then marked as unable to be delivered, then we will check in with you and try to correct your address. If the address need to be changed, we will have to ask for the customer to pay for the reshipment as the error was due to customer error. If the address is correct and no changes are needed, then we will ship this item back to you a second time for free.
        • If your order is returned to us a third time, we ask for our customers to cover any additional shipping charges, or receive a refund while paying a small restock fee.


      • What is the restock fee if I refuse the acceptance of my shipped package?
        • 15% of the item's cost is the restocking fee and any associated shipping costs. 


      • Can I ship items to multiple locations from one order?
        • No, you cannot ship items from one order to multiple shipping addresses. Only 1 shipping address per order. If you are looking to ship to two different locations, please place two separate orders.


      • Can you ship to PO boxes?
        • USPS/FedEx SmartPost/Asendia can deliver to PO boxes. Please do not use ground or express as they cannot deliver to any PO boxes.


      • Do you ship to APO Addresses?
        • With USPS, your shipment should be able to access APO addresses. If there are any issues at check out with this information, please let us know at "" and we will be sure to assist you.


      • What is Route Insurance? 
        • Route Insurance is a 3rd party insurance service that offers a faster and more convenient way to file a claim for lost, stolen or damaged shipments. This insurance must be purchased at the time of the order to file a claim. The timeframe to file a claim for Domestic Orders is 7-30 days from the last checkpoint and 20-30 days for International Orders. Claims can be filed at   Approved claims from Route do not cover the amount paid for shipping or the amount paid to Route Insurance. By opting out of Route Insurance, your order will not be covered for any insurance claims. 


      • My item arrived damaged, what are my options?
            • All sales are final however, Nicalis game cartridges and/or discs are covered under a limited warranty. Reach out to us at for assistance.
            • Please note that minor cover sheet imperfections are an uncommon but unavoidable result of natural inconsistencies in the printing and insertion processes for all physical games. 
          • The tracking information shows my item delivered, but I didn't get it. 
              • Please contact the final destination carrier immediately for assistance. 
              • If you purchased Route insurance, file a claim at within 15days of the last update.
        • Do you have a Return Policy?
              • We cannot accept returns. All sales are final once your order has been shipped.
              • To help avoid any of the trouble with an unwanted shipments or purchases, please contact “” to cancel your order before it ships.

        • When will I receive a refund for my cancelled order?
              • If you cancelled your order prior to processing, the credit card funds can take 5-7 business days to be returned to your card. If your order has already been processed for shipping, we cannot cancel your order.


            • What is a Pre-order?
              • Pre-order is when you place an order in advance for something that will be released at a later date.
              • In example, if want to order "Game A", and "Game A" comes out 3 months from today, you can place a preorder today and pay for your order in advance. Then when "Game A" becomes available, we will send it to you right away- no additional charges needed.
              • Please note: Orders with multiple items are usually shipped in one package when all the items in that order are available. If your order includes preordered item(s), your package may not ship until the preordered item(s) are manufactured. To avoid delays, in-stock items should not be combined with preordered items in the same order.   


            • When do I pay for a pre-order?
              • Your pre-order is charged when an order is placed. This is to ensure that there are no issues with billing your order in the future.


            • Can I pay for a pre-order later?
              • No, currently we are not accepting delayed payments on pre-order items.


            • Can I have a pre-order refunded?
              • Yes! Your order can be refunded if you contact us before your order is shipped! Once shipped we will need for the customer to provide the return shipping costs and a restocking fee. However if we were contacted before your order was shipped out and could not catch it in time, the re-stocking fee can be waived.
              • My credit card has closed, what are my options?
                • We can only offer a refund to the card that was used for the purchase. If you wish to apply the funds to your account, please let us know prior to your cancelation. If the returned funds were sent to a closed account, please contact your credit card company.

              •  Can I cancel a pre-order without contacting support?
                • Unfortunately a customer cannot cancel their own order.
                • If you need to cancel your order, contact us at "". However, please make sure you contact us about this as soon as possible. The closer we get to a release date, the more busy we will become getting everything packed and ready to ship. We highly suggest to make sure to contact us at least 3 business days before your order's ship date to ensure your order will be cancelled in time and to avoid a restocking fee.


              • Do you re-print any of your Collector's Editions or Special Edition boxes?
                • No, we do not re-manufacture any of our Collectors' Editions or our  Special Edition boxes. Once these items are sold out, they are gone!


              • What is a back order?
                • A back order is an order that is taken in advance when the item is out of stock. Once the order is back in stock, we will ship out your order. We do our best to not take too long fulfilling out of stock orders, but do keep in mind that we do not have timelines on when we can fulfill back orders.


              • What does Sold Out mean? 
                • If an item is listed as Sold Out, it means that we are out of stock and do not have any indication if and when it will be sold again.

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